Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Old Photo Treasure #59!

I'm such a random scrapper.... I thought I'd look back over some older photos to see if I might have missed scrapping some "key events" or special memories. Sure enough....I missed this total cuteness.... "Captain Feather Sword"! He never made it to the scrapbook?!!! Impossible!...Wonder what else I missed? I think I'm on to something intersting and fun here.

I think I could make an entire album of "key events" I probably missed along the way. There are many, many holidays that I just typically avoid scrapping. They seem almost like a chore to scrap...but not when you look back at little treasures like this! I think this might actually be fun to scrap some older events now.

Stay tuned for more "Old Photo Treasures" in the future.

Got any little treasures of your own that you might have missed along the way?? I'd love to see them!



Jill said...

Captain Feather Sword!!!! Oh, that's precious! I love the serious look on his face. Have fun scrapping those special moments...that's a keeper!

Mo said...

Oh he is too adorable for words!!!! I'm sure I have many old treasures. I'll take a looksee and let you know what I find. :)

Susan said...

LOL!!!! oh my, love the Captain Feather Sword. Look at those chubby cheeks:)