Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's been happening with Zak man?

Here's my long lost catch up post....it might take me a day or two to catch up so bare with me as I retrace my steps over the last few weeks/days :) This post is all about my little Zak man an what he's doing to keep me busy.....

April - 13, tiny man turned 9 this year! He was a total sweetheart and wanted an Easter Egg hunt for his birthday. That was an easy request to accommodate, we just combined our family Easter and Zak's party, hid a few eggs, wrapped a few gifts. Simple. He could not have been happier!

Photo: Zak (w/ new tennis racket still wrapped) Matthew, and cousin chad at Grandma Helen's for Easter/9th Birthday Party

Zak has taken up Freestyle Wrestling this year and gets plenty of exercise two nights a week. These are photos of him pinning his younger friend. It's all about strentgh and having fun! Although he's had his moments of wanting to quit, especially after pinning the "heavy weight", he's stuck with the sport all season. He finishes this week with a tounament, potluck, and swim party. He's had a really great season overall and has learned something about "not giving up" and "commitment". All good!

Zak at his 3grade Star Spangled Spring Concert. The most darling little "Yankee Doodle" performance, complete with hand gestures. I love his age and my little 9 year old Zak!