Thursday, May 01, 2008

New Layout - Vintage Fabric

Scrapbooking with Vintage Fabric last night. I love this and I wish I have more old fabric swatches! I used an old hand-me-down sheet that my Mom gave me for the background of this layout. I love the vintage floral pattern on it. It reminds me of her and of my Grandma's old house. I inked the edges to give it an even more ages and distressed look.

The pictures were some that I carried around for about a year in my old "photo purse". It was a purse that the boys had given me for Christmas, so it meant something special to me. I had gotten so many compliments on that purse, that the photos soon became my favorites. When the purse was ruined by an ink pen that burst, I was just crushed! I knew that great purse wouldn't last forever, so I saved the photos that I displayed on the outside of it and used them on this layout...

"my favorite photos from m yfavorite purse" - Lucky Souvenirs

Thanks to Susan for your great suggestion about including more of my journaling on my layouts. I often write a few words and then post all the journaling on my blog. So because of your great suggestion, I'm including lots more details about my layouts on the back now, before I post them to the blog. So thanks for reminding me to leave the story behind..on the layout.

Hope you're having a wonderful week. Its' been a busy, stressful one for me, but scrapbooking is a great stress release for me....I'm enjoying it!



Susan said...

that fabric looks awesome Reen! I love that you frayed and inked it...great idea to use an old sheet!
Yeah for including more journaling. I love to read your "behind the scene" stories.

Anonymous said...

Reen... this is really nice! I love how you can take flowers and pink and make it look amazing for three guys!