Saturday, April 19, 2008

Being Creative!

Happy Spring, Flowers are popping up everywhere and the sun is shining once again. I love this time of year. It just makes me happy, so I'm in the mood to create a Springy looking LO this morning!

My Mom, my Sister, and I recently had a chance to get together for shopping, lunch and girl time. My Sister took this photo of my Mom and Me just before they left my house. It's blurry and imperfect, but gosh I love the huge smiles on our faces and remembering how much fun we had that day. Mom had bought me some potted plants; geraniums and I loved the flowers and being with her. I will relive this day in my head 1,000 times...especially how Sis was constantly cracking us up!
Good memories, I love my Mom. latest attempt at a 12x12....see lots of space on this one...still not sure how to handle the extra space, but I'm enjoying scrapping more than ever! and that means more to me than having the perfect LO anyway.

The scalloped boarder is made w/ reinforcements. I'm fixated w/ reinforcements, have been since 7th grade when i got my first denim covered, 3 ring binder...I used to tear out the binder paper, just so I could use these little guys...they used to be gummy and you had to lick them, but I loved the box they came in. ....wish I could still find them in a little box. ;) office products junkie at heart!

Have a wonderful "creative" weekend :)


Mo said...

Irene!!!!! You ROCKED the 12x12. I love that title design!! And, what a neat thing to scrap! I'll have to remember to take a picture the next time we are in a gift shop for 42 hours. LOL!!

And, the one of you and your Mom is magnificent. That photo is perfect!!!! LOVE how happy you look! :)

I just completed a 12x12 myself. I hope there is stille nough daylight for me to take a photo so I can share.

Suzelle said...

These are SO cute girl !!! Love the pic of you and your mama :)

Jill said...

You have been on a creative roll, haven't you??? It was so fun to see all your new projects! Love the BD mini book - it came out so cute. You're doing a great job with the 12x12 pages too. Each and every one of them are so cute. I especially love the story about the day with your mom and sister. Such sweet memories!

Susan said...

Love your 12X12..the reinforcements are a fun touch.

I have one thing to say to you about your Bloom layout though. You told a great story about it here on your blog, but you should have included all of that journaling on your layout too... How you felt, what you did, why you love the blury photo...
Its a great picture and you dont want to loose that story.

Anonymous said...

Suc a wonderful picture of you and your momma, fabulous job with that. And I love that little SB book you made.... so stinking cute! Go Reen! So glad to see/hear you are loving scrapping.