Friday, February 29, 2008

Typical Day....

Working in Corporate Marketing...updating our Physician database, direct mailings, planning events
Loving these two boys and making sure they are being raised properly to become "gentlemen"
Too often lately, caring for a sickly one.
Loving the man of my life and taking time for him. (also monitoring the use of my hole punch, pen, or whatever other scrap supply he might have acquired for his own project)

Taking time for the little things....because it's the little things that really matter afterall.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Blue and Birds Challenge Layouts

I used a sketch by Denise for this first layout where we were to use "blue" as the predominant color. Blue was the perfect choice for this photo with a very busy background. The sketch was perfect for all of the journaling that I wanted to include.
Title: Mother & Sons Dance

I had an entire list of challenges that this could fit; bold, borders, birds. I decided to use this for the Birds challenge, I used little owls as accents.
Title: Homework Hr.

Thanks for visiting me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

She Loves/He Loves...

In the spirit of February and the month of LOVE....Thought I would share some of our current favorite things we love to do.

She loves tennis: I'm Loving tennis again. I played a lot of tennis is high school and college, but hadn't played in years! I got a chance to enjoy it again this past weekend, when I spent time with Matthew.

He loves:
Fixing up his car! ....Operation Restoration is in full swing and the old car is getting a facelift. It's a dream come true for Richie to be restoring his car, something he's always talked about and always wanted to do. I'm happy for him. I'm happy to see him loving a hobby and doing something he truly enjoys.

These little loves just make us happy. Give us something fun to talk about, something fun to do and share with each other.

What are your current loves??

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Christmas in February?

Yes, the Christmas crafty bug strikes again! I have promised myself that I will be ready for Christmas long before the rush hits. I've dedicated myself to making Christmas crafts and gifts all year long. So you will probably be seeing my Christmas gifts and ideas pop up on this blog throughout the next several months.

I was busy on Saturday. I made these blingy little tags to set aside for next December. Simply take 3 or 4 pieces of sparkly pipe cleaners to make the snowflake shapes. The soft blue tags were made by recycling a Christmas card that I received this year. It was much too pretty to throw out! The remaining snowflakes will be used to decorate pagackages, hang on the tree, or attach to small gifts.

Please share any Christmas gift making or crafts that you are planning or working on.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting me.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A little weekend creative....

...inspired by Ali and Shannon Tidwell.

Fun, simple project. I found the shadowbox frame at WalMart for about $14 and the hearts were handcut from scraps. This is one of my favorite pictures from our Christmas card photo shoot. I just adore those dirty little knees and my loving boys! :) I think I'll hang this one in my scraproom today!

Happy 3-day weekend!

44 Things to Do This Year

I've been working my way through this list since last July. I decided that this would be the year that I take steps to do some things that I know will enrich my life. I'm having fun! I wonder if I can get through all 44 of these "things to do"?

1. Relax at the lake - done
2. Plan a date nite - done
3. Read to my kids - done
4. Teach the boys how to fold laundry - ummm in progress
5. Stick your feet in sand
6. Have a Starbucks & Biscotti
7. Get your eyes checked - done (see photo above of me at Sam's tryin on the new specs....ignore the price tag on the side! ha!)
8. Go to Disney - done
9. Cut back to part-time work - done
10. Repaint the cabin - done
11. Sew something pretty - done
12. Send a card to my Aunt in Texas - done...she got an Easter Card!
13. Learn to crochet again
14. Love a new Baby - done....I love Chase!
15. Splurge @ Christmas - oh yeah!
16. Buy yourself flowers
17. Drink Hawaiian Punch - done Yum!
18. See my Sis again - done...I love her!
19. Take Mom to Lunch - done....we love the Olive Garden!
20. Scrap w/ a friend - hey, anyone wanna scrap? I haven't done this one yet!
21. Try 2 Buck Chuck wine :)
22. Teach Typing 101 to Matthew
23. Buy a musical instrument
24. Hug my hubby - always
25. Bake cupcakes for no reason - done
26. Give M&M's to my boss
27. Start a new button jar - done, lots of leftover gold buttons
28. Go to the beach
29. Visit an old friend - done
30. Do something nice for a teacher - done
31. Take a long walk w/ Matthew - done, we walked to River Park
32. Throw a big party - Easter Egg Hunt and Playdate, my kind of party!
33. Use my handmade quilt
34. Eat off the good China
35. Go to the Nickel Archade
36. Share a banana split
37. Visit the Pet Store - done...on one rainy night
38. Take Grandparents to breakfast
39. Spend a Saturday w/ Deb - done (Happy 50th Deb)
40. Reach out to my Brother
41. Write a letter in cursive and mail it to a friend
42. Take a drive with the top down
43. Tell my Dad that I love him - why does this one have to hurt? :(
44. Eat Cake

What will you do this year?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Weekend Creative - Inspired by Ali

I'm happy with the way this little book turned out. I modified the original design a little, just for fun. I really enjoyed making and sewing this project! I'll be adding some love notes and photos and giving this to my Valentine on the 14th!