Sunday, August 30, 2009

My first Blog post from the iPhone

This was another typical kinda relaxing..kinda boring Sunday. The best part about today was Chinese take out and a visit to inlaws. Kids are to bed early tonight as school is back in full swing. They enjoyed a little boy hike to the river, nerf guns included (to ward off any houdlems).

Looking forward to a busy week ahead.

Oh shoot....blogger does not yet have the capability to let you upload iPhone enhancement I need to request.

Happy Sunday! I'll be staying up to watch MadMen tonight :) one of my favorite shows.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last Weekend of Summer

Hi Friends,

Gosh it's been a busy summer and once again, my blog was sadly neglected. So sorry blogger friends and little blog.

I have missed my hobbies and doing the things I really enjoy during my leisure time. Updating this blog is just one of those things that I had to push aside due to other priorities. Mainly, work. I worked full time from May to August, filling in on the job share at Children's Hospital, while Brooke delivered a heatlhy little baby boy named Luke! I was happy to fill in and really got used to the routine of being at work everyday. Honestly, I miss it now that I'm back to part-time! I guess it is kind of nice to have some balance in my life again though. I'm blessed and thankful for my job and for this time I can be home as well.

My kiddows were troopers and ended up at a day camp for most of the 10 weeks they were off from school. They never once complained and rather enjoyed being with their "summer friends". They got to take a lot of outings to the waterpark, summer movies, archades. They loved it!

The kids are back to school now and I thought I'd take a moment to share some photos of our last weekend of summer at the lake!

I hope this post finds you and your family doing well.

Thanks for visiting me,

Taking time for a Summer Hike above Bass Lake - Way of the Mono Trail is a short 30 minute hike above the lake. It's short enough for small kids and educational too. It has stops along the way with signs that detail the types of trees in the area. It also gives accounts of the Indian Life that once lived along the basin floor of what is now Bass Lake.

At the top of the Trail you can find a most gorgeous view of Bass Lake. This was taken at around 8:00 in the morning, so it was still a little bit dark and the sun was just rising over the lake. Gorgeous to watch!

A great trail to use for introducing kids to hiking. It's short enough that they don't lose interest. Long enough for them to learn about nature along the way. And pretty enough to make them want to go back again.

Our home away from home at the lake.