Thursday, October 01, 2009

Finding Balance

I'm back to working part-time again. I'm in the midst of finding a balance between work, home, kids, family. It's better to have more time for these two sweet boys. They are much happier when we're together, when they can be home after school with me.

Matthew is in the 6th grade and playing the trumpet for his second year. Zachary is testing for the Gate program next week and will join the school's Wrestling team once their season starts. They are doing great adjusting to being back in school.

I've found a little time for my photog and scrapping hobbies. I'm enjoying having "me" time again while they are in school to create. I'll add these little layouts to their scrapbooks this week. Some are inspired by magazine layouts, most are my own creations.

I've also found time to Volunteer at Children's Hospital. I have to say that it's one of the most rewarding uses of my time. I only Volunteer one day a week, but I look forward to it each time.

Finding balance in life...again