Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Creative Energy and a cute Baby!!

Two things that make me happy: 1. Scrapbooking 2. Holding a new baby
About once a week, I have been allowing myself time to play and enjoy what I love.......scrapbooking! I look forward to the total escape that I feel when I get a chance to create. Feels good to just release the stress and anxiety from my work life, Mommy life, marriage and chores......etc.....think of nothing else and just have fun! It makes me happy!!

Talk about happy!!!!!....One of the highlights of my week is seeing Chase every Wednesday at Zak's football game. I love watching Zak play, but I also look forward to holding this cute baby boy and just taking him all in. I wisk him away as soon as I see him and just love on him and enjoy every second I get to hold him. He's a blessing to me!

Monday, October 15, 2007

New BMX Bike Track...

We spent yesterday afternoon at a new BMX Bike Track. It was a ton of fun for the boys, great hills and bumps to ride. They LOVED it!!
New camo helmets came in handy with Zak....he wiped out once and really knocked his head. He brushed off the dirt and jumped right back on his bike.

Such a great hangout for kids!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

A day at the Fair!

It's a fun family tradition for us. We look forward to going to the fair every year. We love playing games, eating the yummy food, and enjoying all the attractions. It's always a good time!