Wednesday, October 01, 2008

a week in the (imperfect) life.....continued

I have contined to document my week in pictures and words....I just about gave up! Two sick kids and my week seemed like it had taken a turn for the worse. I felt like it was turning into a week that would not be worthy of doucmenting or remembering. Actually, I learned a huge lesson...

Life isn't perfect....I'm not perfect......that no matter what life throws your can be and needs to be valued, it's worth's worth remembering. Even the most difficult weeks.....are worth celebrating.

Project time....time to think, time to escape....time to cope with even the toughest days.

"please don't make me go to the Dr. today"

Little Jamba's for little sick boys.....

Taking time to notice the little details of the day.

A beautiful, gorgeous day afterall!

His evening drive...and time to unwind...

Even the toughest days do have a little ray of sunshine in them. Keeping my chin up and looking forward to this week taking a turn for the best!


Mo said...

FABULOUS photos! FABULOUS recap of your day! I know I have said this before but you inspire me so much. I am going to stick with my week even tho I've been sick and hardly took any photos. I'll just make a mini book. :) Thank you!!!!!!!!

Sue Thomas said...

I love your attitude!!!! Good for you, Reen!!!!!!

Susan said...

great outlook on it Reen.
the sick child sign made me smile.
Your doing a great job