Sunday, October 19, 2008

Layout overload!

Just a little late night and early morning scrapping happening here this weekend. Thought I'd share a few layouts with friends.

"The things i love about you" & Suz....We had a good laugh about this journal tag when I threatened to leave it blank! I felt so mean when I tried to do it! LOL! just didn't have the heart to....he can be really sweet when he tries ;)

How quickly they grow! He's even bigger than the "now" photo! (it's an '06 school photo that I love because of those missing front teeth....I just HAD to use it)

He's the one that loves every single sport he tries! I just loved this little "bobble head" photo of him :)

Summer in San Diego!

Summer in LegoLand in Carlsbad!

Hope you are having a great weekend! We sure are loving it. Thanks for visiting me.


Mo said...

Reenie!!!! THese ROCK!! I know what you mean about leaving it blank. I bet there are days when all of us would have a hard time filling that baby in. LOVE LOVE the then and now layout. Such a great idea. Your SD layouts make me long for another trip out there...sigh. And the Jock layout is too good...just too good. LOVE the bracket accent. You are rockin!!!!!!

Suzelle said...

These ROCK girl !!!!! LOL......that tag. Man, that was FUNNY !!!!!!!!!

Susan said...

look at you go!!! Looks like you were inspired by orange and blue. I love that color combo too.
LOL about the things I love about you...:) somedays are much much harder than others arent they? I know the feeling.
I adore the now and then layout.

Sue Thomas said...

Love your layouts and cracking up about leaving the journaling prompt blank!!!!

Tracy said...

You go girl!

Maria Hammon said...

Awesome pages! :D

Melodee said...

Love the Reen!! You have been a scrapping queen!!! I need to get back into the layout mode,you are inspiring me to give it another your "Jock" one...too fun!!

cheerful cropper said...

wow! beautiful layouts. i love all the fun, bright colors :)

Jill said...

You have been on quite a roll, haven't you???? Love the blues and greens together on the layout about Richie. Too funny about the journaling tag. I think we've all been there before :) Keep up the good work. You inspire me!!!!!