Saturday, October 04, 2008

Rainy Day.....

A pleasant surprise of a rainy, sprinkly day! My week in the life project continues with these photos taken on this wet and stormy skies of a morning.

Water drops on the windshield of Richie's Truck

the morning paper wrapped in plastic? haven't seen that in a long time!

slumber party continues with a morning walk to the neighbor's house to play Wii

the first rainy day and I've turned into the domestic goddess! potater salad

and a fresh baked loaf of zuchini bread - yumm!

this week is turning out just peachy afterall!!


Suzelle said...

Great minds think alike...I took a picture of my widnshield on the way to soccer with the raindrops on it :)

That bread looks killer !!

Susan said...

ohmygod I need your potato salad recipe!!! yuuuuummmmmmmmmy!

Anonymous said...

MmmMmm! Lookin' good!!! :D

Mo said...

Ditto to what Sharon said...looking delish! I love the view from your front door. Your neighborhood is beautiful. Love the lush greenery that surrounds you. :)