Friday, September 14, 2007

Why do you carry that camera in your purse?.....

It's a question that I've heard at least 100 times over the years. I've been taking picutres since I was 12 yrs. I've been carrying my camera with me everywhere I go for decades! It's a part of camera is like an extension of me, who am I...what I love!

Well, Never more thankful for the silly habit, when Arnold and Bubba showed up at work yesterday afternoon!

The Govenor came to Children's Hospital to talk about his platform for healthcare reform, Alan Autry to support his position on creating "affordable healthcare" for all of Californians. His plans for health care changes would have an impact on all of our lives, the lives of the children we serve, and maybe one day...all of Americans. It's an exciting time to witness the changes that will happen in our community and in California.

Could Universal healthcare be the answer? The answer for serving families that go years without coverage? The answer for children that go unattended by a physician, because healthcare is unaffordable? Maybe we'll find out in our lifetime, for today....just happy to be able to capture the moment :)
"I'll be Back"!


Mo said...

OMG!!!!!!! Bubba and the Terminator together!!! I LOVE it!!!!!! I sure hope that I live to see healthcare for everyone! :)

Susan said...

how cool is that?
healthcare is such a huge issue. I sure hope that someday we fix our system. looks like the Gov colors his hair. See how his eyebrows have grey in them and his hair doesnt? LOL!!!

Sue Thomas said...

How totally cool, Reen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep carrying that camera!!!!!!