Sunday, September 30, 2007

The best - A family tradition

Thought I would share the recipe for a family favorite. At my house, we call them "cabbage burgers" but they are known to others as "beerrocks". I make this recipe with the help of my kids, they are fun to work on together and very delish! I'm thrilled that my kids love them.

The best start with Bridgeford frozen bread dough. Thaw the bread dough and let it rise per the package directions. I use all three loaves that come in the package. Each loaf makes about 7 or 8 beerrocks. I cover the dough as it rises with a clean dish towel, just so the tops of the dough don't form a hard crust on them.

Use 3 lbs. of hamburger meat

1 large yellow onion

1 large head of cabbage



garlic powder

Brown the hamburger and onions. (using part mild german sausage is optional, I usually just use hamburger)

Salt, pepper and add garlic powder to taste.
Chop the cabbage like you would a rough cut slaw. I like chunky larger pieces of cabbage, but thinly sliced is fine too. You really can't mess this one up.

Add all the cabbage to the cooked hamburger mixture and cover w/ a lid. Let it steam and cook down, stirring (and tasting) occasionally. Season to taste.
Let the mixture cool completley.

While it's cooling you can split up the risen bread dough into smaller pieces, usually 7 or 8 smaller roll size per loaf. Flour your surface well and your rolling pin well. Roll out into small circles, stuff with the cooled mixture, gathering them on the bottom and pinching them closed - shape them into small round roll shapes.

Bake in the oven at 350* for about 20 minutes or until light golden brown.

My kids like these served with ketchup or honey bar-b-q sauce.


These freeze really well. Just pop them into a ziplock bag. They are perfect for game nights when we don't have time for a huge dinner, but need to grab something quick and filling. Just pop them back into the oven to warm for about 10-15 minutes. You'll need to cover them with foil when you rewarm them in the oven so the tops of them don't get too brown. I like to serve them with another veggie like corn on the cobb.


Suzelle said...

This makes my mouth water.....YUM !!!!!!

Susan said...

these sound really good reen! Im so glad you posted this because I've heard you mention them a few times and always meant to ask about them.
They sound like the asian steamed buns I really like, only easier because of the frozen dough.
Do you brush the tops with butter or egg white like when you bake bread?

Reen said...

Susan, I don't brush the tops with anything. I have tried brushing them with butter, but I find that they just brown up too fast before the dough is cooked enough. I leave them plain on top.

Susan said...

ok thanks!

Anonymous said...

I use a home made sweet dough and add sauerkraut to the cabbage / hamburger filling and a dash of dried mustard. I brush with soft butter after they come out of the oven. My family love them.. I also add a small square of velvetta cheese and a small square of sharp cheddar cheese on the bottom before I add the beef mixture. Pull up the corners and tuck in and place seam side down,