Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Taking a little Homework Break.....

In between math problems and the list of 20 spelling words, we take a break....have a little fun in the backyard. We take 15 minutes in the day for each other. It's nothing spectacular, just a chance to run outside, throw the football, help Dad w/ a project. It's our little piece of quality time together. We try to have just a little bit everyday, sometimes we all watch Wheel of Fortune together. That's perfect for us. No it's not a walk thru the park or a trip to the zoo. It's just a simple way of being together.

When I was little it was a drive to Merced. It was actually 30 minutes in the car when we would talk, argue, laugh. It was our only time that we could bond w/ Mom. I loved it, still think about it. We used to drive to Merced on Saturday mornings for shopping. Sometimes we'd come home with nothing. It took me a very long time to figure out that it wasn't always about the shopping, it was more about the drive and time we made for each other.

How do you make time for each other? Do you have your "Wheel of Fortune" moments...where you turn to each and smile because you both guessed the same puzzle. Corny? maybe, but it's our time :) our little break from the world to just be in the moment.....together.

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Anonymous said...


I noticed that you were making beerocks. Do you have a good receipe that you can share with me?

Bonnie Klahr