Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Testing out Blogpress App

Blog worthy? I don't know...if this app works I am golden! If it fails, then it may be another month before I update my crickets of a blog. I'm trying out the Blogpress app and it supposed to let you update AND post pictures to your blogger acct. from your iPhone? Let's ck it!

Random update: We had a nice family reunion over the weekend....I got to see my Aunt Rosie, my GodMother whom I hadn't seen in about ten yrs! Love her!! (this is just like texting on a keypad!...easy and I Am horizontal right now, since it's 3:55 and you can call me Ima Insomniac :)

Here is our picture taken at my sister's house in Dos Palos. I think she may move back to Cali from Texas. I hope so, then I'd get to see her more often.
We all need our God Mothers!
(simple to add a picture, just touch the little camera icon and my iPhone pics come up)

Whoa! This app actually works! It's amazing! I can update and share pictures straight from the iPhone.....and the best part! I'm still laying in bed! Love :)

Thanks for visiting me!

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