Thursday, June 16, 2011

June Photos

Taking pictures just for fun makes me happy. Thought I'd share some of my 30 Day Challenge pictures.

Day 1: Self-portrait:
Reen-June 2011 @ 47

Day 2: What you wore today:
My new Levi's and big Sunglasses from Ooh La La!

Day 3: something new
Rich's Weber-he's cooking! Yay!!

Day 4: something green
Zak goes fishing-a view out my front door

Day 5: from a high angle
Reen & Rich @ Eureka Burger!

Day 6: From a low angle
Lazy Lucky dog!

Day 7: Spring Flowers
One from Deb's yard

Day 8: a "bad" habit
My Morning Coffee-with JNI friends

Day 9: someone you love
Rosie-my sweet Aunt/God Mother

Day 10: Childhood Memory
Zak's sea turtle comes
Home from school-5th grade

Day 11: something blue
First Swim of Summer

Photos were all taken with my iPhone! Some of them will certainly make it to my Project Life album.

I have modified a few of these challenges to fit our everyday life and what we have going on in our days. You can find all the original challenges here;

Pull out your camera, cell phone, point & shoot...join in.

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Krista Lund said...

way to go, irene!!
this challenge has definitely helped me keep up with my project 365.

Ramona said...

Irene!! These are fabulous and really showcase your day-to-day life!!! I loved taking a peek into your world. :)

Susan said...

love these....but are we really your "bad habit"? LOL, you know we love you :)