Sunday, May 18, 2008

In Real Life!

It's almost surreal to meet someone that you talk to everyday and feel like you know so well. We just had butterflies in our stomache waiting for Susan's arrival in Fresno! and when we finally saw her, we knew her instantly and just loved her (and her man and her adorable little doggie)!

Susan and Paul, you just made my weekend brighter. and I think I can speak for Suz and Tracy, when I say that we adored meeting you!

Did we fun have or what?! Leave it to me to be the instigator of these fun pics :)

I'll always remember the first time we met and hope we'll get together again sometime cuz somehow, I know in my heart, that we're all just meant to be life long friends.

Prayers that Susan and Paul have safe, enjoyable travels on the rest of their road trip. I sure enjoyed them!



Tracy said...

Yes, you spoke for me just fine!

What a fun meeting :)

Suzelle said...

Too FUN !!!!!!!!!!!

Suzanne said...

Fab photos, glad you all had such a good time :) xx

Mo said...

You guys are so cute! LOVE the fun photos!

Jill said...

you girls are silly...but then I already knew that! Looks like a fun gathering!!!!!

Susan said...

It was fun wasnt it???
and all too fast. You guys were so much fun.
Im so glad we were able to get together, if only for a little while. It was the most fun part of the entire trip and I will always treasure it. We have to do it again!