Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Layout - and the Classic Car detail Girl

A fun layout that I created as a "practice page". I haven't scrapped in a few weeks so I thought it would be fun to create a layout with some pictures that I wasn't afraid to alter. The nature photo was taken by Matthew (9) and I used it to make my tree. The trunk was cut from chipboard. The photo of Zak and Stripe had a distracting background, so I just them out of the picture. This was so much fun to make! I love making my own handcut embellishments like the big tree.

A bit overcast in Calif. today so my photo is much brighter in real life. I sure hope our sunshine returns soon.

Earlier today, I spent some time working on some detail pieces for the '68 Camaro. Ssssh, don't tell Richie that I do enjoy getting to help with the detail work. His interior restoration is almost complete. This is a photo of me cutting some wood grain contact paper for the console pieces.


Sharon said...

Your scrapbook page is too cute! I love it!!!!!

LisaW said...

Irene....I LOVE your page and your handmade embellishments! Good for you helping your husband with his car! I didn't do much of anything on my husband's car. Of course the difference is you are resorting a car and he basically gutted (literally) his to make it lighter and made it into a race car.

He wants to get something like a 69 Firebird or Camero to restore for our daughter who will be 16 in 6 1/2 years:) I don't have a problem for that because when she gets older she will probably say something like..."but all my friends have power windows" then she won't want it, and I can have it.

I just realized I was rambling on a blog and not a MB. Better go!!!


Anonymous said...

You look like a natural with that knife. Rich is lucky to have your blessing and help with his beloved project. Great, fun page too. Glad you were able to make some scrappy time.


Sue Thomas said...

What a cool way to make that tree, Reen! I love this page!!! How cool to see you helping Richie with the restoration!!!!!!

Susan said...

Its probably good that you helped Rich with the wood grain paper...your a professional paper cutter!!! LOL!!
Love the cut out of the tree and Zak.

Jill said...

What a cute page Reen! Love that clever tree!!! Richie is a lucky man. I bet his car is looking pretty spiffy by now.