Saturday, March 15, 2008

Open House

Sharing with you what the kids have been up to.
From Second Grader - Zak

The Pond Study

"I have a Dream" project - scrap paper pieceings art

From 4th Grader - Matthew
The California Mission Project
Team Building Project

Ansel Adams inspired photography - Flower

The boys are having a great school year! I love the ages they are right now, if they could just stay 7 and 9 for a little bit longer :)

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christie said...

A couple of budding artists in the house!!!!! Great projects!

janel said...

I am SO impressed. So glad you captured this in photos too, as in ten years, it will be a blur.....and they both did an amazing job! You should be extra proud..I know you are! So glad I stopped by your blog to peek!

Mo said...

AMAZING work from your little guys! WOW! I am impressed!