Sunday, March 09, 2008

Signs of Spring!

Strawberries, one of the earliest signs of spring! The first strawberry crop of the season has arrived! Fresh from Driscoll in Watsonville, Calif. These are so delightful and sweet, the best in the world! So wonderful!! A sweet little Spring pleasure that just makes me happy!

The Easter bunny has been busy at my house. Little surprises hidden away for Easter Sunday. Another little Spring pleasure that makes me giddy!

Spread a little sunshine today, smile :) and make someone happy!


Wanda & Randy said...

What a happy post! I can taste that strawberry, it looks so yummy! Your Easter bunny certainly has been busy, can't wait to hear how the kiddos react!

Susan said...

yummmmy! I can almost smell that strawberry! Its huge!!!!
those are some awesome easter baskets you got there too!

Mo said...

That strawberry looks delicious!! I thought of you this week while grocery shopping. The figs I bought came from Fresno. :) Happy Easter my dear sweet friend! :)