Sunday, November 04, 2007

Game Day Central

There's just something fun and special about going back to my old stoppin' grounds at Fresno State. Hearing the school song, watching the band play, and even 2 B-1 Bombers flying over head. Exciting times!! Just being on the college campus instantly takes me back to my college days and the feelings of fun, excitement, and spirit come flooding back. We got free pom poms at the entrance and had such a good time cheering on the Bulldogs!

We always take the opportunity when we are on campus to stress to our boys the importance of going to college. The importance of going back as an Alumni and supporting our school. I think they get the idea that we expect them to go to college.

I'd love for them to become Bulldoggies and go to Fresno State someday, but Rich has bigger dreams for them to go to Stanford, USC, or an Ivy league school. I don't even want to think about them leaving for college yet! I'm glad that Rich dreams big for them, they need a Dad that can give them the confidence that they can succeed.
I want to enjoy them just a few more short years before they make that big step. I know it will happen all too soon for me, but for today we enjoy our Alma Mater...Fresno State!

Go Dogs!!

Red Vine anyone?


Suzelle said...

When we go to games, the discussion is FOOD !!!!!!!!!


JENNY B said...

how fun reen! lvoe that red vine pic!!!!

Mo said...

OH MY HEAVENS!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Red Vines!!!!!!! Fun game day pix!!!!!! :) Mo