Monday, November 12, 2007

art journal fun

I blew the dust off of my art journal that I started back in February. I know it's been a totally busy year with my getting back into the work force, but seeing all those blank pages in my art journal made me realize that my focus has not been on creating. Well, this weekend I changed all that and packed a tote and supply bucket and headed to the cabin.
This is a tiny bit of what I did during my own personal little cabin crop.
The bird card is actually a $10 off coupon from Target....after I used it I thought ..."oh shoot, am I going to wish I had that when I get to the checkout line"? nah! I just loved the little bird and it was prefect for my own personal quote:
"the best wings in life are those that are rediscovered"
The page with the little house?? well the house was made out of a Starbucks sleeve, turned inside out. The little grass is made out of cut felt flowers. The quote I made up says,
"home is where we hang our heart".....hence the giant heart.
kinda quirky?? Maybe! but pretty fun to just create for the sake of playing in this old art journal again.


Susan said...

hmmm, had a glitch when I left my first comment so I'll try again

Love your ideas in your art journal. The target birdy is adorable and I love that big ole heart!

Mo said...

I need to blow the dust off of my art journal. You have inspired me once again....:)