Sunday, April 25, 2010

April is Birthday Month

Zachary is 10 this Month. We celebrated his birthday with a Fun Time at Cal Skate!! Zak invited a few friends from School, Summer Camp, and our old neighbors. We all had a great time and everyone (even Richie) got on rollerskates that day.
It was a fun way to celebrate Zak!

Matthew turns 12 on 4/26, we celebrated his birthday at Boomers this weekend. The boys had a great time on the cars, bumper boats and playing mini golf and video games. We took Matthew out for dinner afterwards, to Marie Callendars, then had ice cream cake for dessert here at home. I love family parties and I'm happy that he wanted to keep it small and low key this year. We all enjoyed the day of celebration! It was a fun time for the 4 of us.

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