Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm the Lucky one!

I used to tell people that, "I'm not much of a dog person". That is until this little sweet creature came into my life. He's the dog that turned me into a "dog person". My life is richer, fuller, happier since he came into my heart. I cherish this loyal doggy, he makes me feel like the lucky one!

Lucky is now about 5 months old. He's great with my kids, sleeps next to Richard (who initially said, "getting this dog is the worst decision you've ever made"!) and loves to take walks. He also loves to interrupt my computer time to kiss my cheek and beg for treats! His favorite place to be is on someone's lap or in a sunny corner of the backyard. Lucky is a great family pet, we adore him!

Welcome Spring (soon after this rain I hope!)....happy Month of March!!


Susan said...

it doesn't take much for these little ones to wiggle themselves into our hearts. One of my favorite quotes is- someday I hope to be as great a person as my dog thinks I am.
Its true. their love is unconditional.
enjoy your lucky

Sue Thomas said...

What a sweet, sweet post!!! Sounds like all of you are quite Lucky to have each other!!!