Saturday, September 06, 2008

Back to School!

The first day at a new school was met with a lot of nervous energy. The kids stood a little closer and have clung a little tighter lately.....happy to report that are adjusting beautifully as we had hoped. They are fine and enjoying being back among many, many wonderfully supportive teachers and friends. There are about 80 new kids joining them, so they are all getting aquainted together quite nicely.

He's a 5th grader now and with that comes new opportunities to become involved in new things. He's part of the brass unit in the band and can't wait to learn a few new notes and tunes. It's a huge responsibility for Matthew to carry this instrument. He could not be more proud! Dad was an elementary school player himself, so we will challenge him to remember a few notes :)

I'll end with my favorite "Quote of the Week"

"Mom, I made a new friend"......."His name is McCarthy"
----Zak 3rd Grader

That just warms my heart!!

have a great weekend and thanks for visiting me!


Tracy said...

Looks like he didn't have to wait too long after all--nice to see the whole family looks pretty happy about it!!

Reen said...

It may not look like he waited, but he's actually the last student in the band to get his instrument. All the kids had theirs for the first lesson, except Matthew :( He's never been so embarrassed!

I think we waited a week longer than most parents to shop around for the best deal. He's happy about it now, but he sure learned a lesson about patience sitting empty handed at that first lesson! haha!

Sharon said...

Wow! 80 new kids at the school! That would make it a little easier. I'm loving your quote of the week. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics Reen!! Glad he was able to get the instrument! Hope you have the ear plugs handy ;)

Mo said...

He will love the trumpet. Dylan loves it. Great back to school photo of your handsome boys!! I hope they have a FABULOUS year in their new school!