Wednesday, September 03, 2008

August Memories

A reflection of our fun times in August in 8 little photos.

Mind you, this was the trip to the mountains that caused my 17 day battle with a parasite and stomach illness!! It's been a long battle to get better, but finally finished the meds tonight..... I will forget about that aspect of the trip and focus on the fact that is was one of our best family weekends of the Summer.

Little deer in the yard, happy kids, good food, best August weather on was great fun!


Suzelle said...

Cool stuff...despite the illness :)

Mo said...

LOVE all these photos. Your cabin looks like a beautiful place. Sorry about your illness. Glad to hear that you are better. :)

Sharon said...

Your album of this year is gonna be so amazing! I'm seriously thinking that you gals have inspired me to do a 9 picture layout each month in '09!

Tracy said...

Great Job on your 2page spread!!

Susan said...

now your ahead of me again!!!! LOL!
seriously love this layout reen.
I love the larger and smaller photo mix and the layout, which left a lot of white space. Hard to do with this many photos on a small page.
I love that we're keeping up with this challenge!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I need to do my August page :)