Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tagged by Susan :)

My top 5 must-haves (for the moment):

in my fridge:

1. cantalope
2. cherries
3. watermelon
4. low fat, homemade chicken enchiladas :)
5. any kind of ice cream!

in my closet:

1. flip flops
2. tight short sleeved sweaters that display the ta-tas nicely! :)
3. 7 white tees
4. sandals
5. capri - jean

in my purse:

1. Stride gum...my new love!
2. Altoids Wintergreen flavor...I've been addicted to them for over a year now!
3. lip gloss from Sephora that Mo gave me...LOVE it!
4. cell phone
5. reading glasses

in my car:

1. 3 bags of clothes to drop off at the Goodwill and that's it! I hate junk in my car!

on my DVR
1. Cat in the Hat....want to see the Bucket List!
2. are you smarter than a 5th grader game
3. Scene it jr. game
4. top gun...richie's fave

I'm not sure who hasn't been tagged, but I'll have to tag Sharon and Jenny B just in case they haven't been :)


Susan said...

hahahahaha...tight short sleeved sweaters that display the ta-tas nicely!!! you crack me up.
and a low fat, homemade chicken enchilada? I need the recipe!

Mo said...

Yay! You wear the lippie stickie I bought you. :)