Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Mother's Christmas Card

This is a Christmas Card that will never land in anyone's mailbox. You see, it has dirty little knees and distracted little smiles in it. It's the one that's just not quite "perfect" enough to mail to the entire database of names. It is the card that shows a moment of brotherly love and an embrace that not many others could understand or appreciate, not like a Mom does. It shows all the dimples that warm this shows the grins of silly boys. This photo captures all the smiles of a very mischeivious moment when the boys toyed with the idea of jumping in the stream below. It's a Christmas Card that only a Mother could hold dear to her heart...the one with the dirty little knees.


Suzelle said...

Irene.....that is the operfect Christmas card pic !!! Dirty knees and all......I LOVE it ! Any Mom on your list would be proud to receive this and can totally appreciate it :)

Mo said...

Awwwww....I love it!!!! I hope I'm gettin' one. :)