Monday, December 17, 2007

In front of the Christmas Tree

Zak has a Christmas party and program coming up. I just love hearing him sing and hum and practice the songs to himself. He's keeping the entire set a secret. His party is going to be a "Snowman" Party. We are in charge of the "snowballs" or the white cupcakes, which I'm sure they will decorate.

Matthew has a "Christmas Around the World Party" that he's looking forward to. His school and his class is VERY culturally diverse, it's the perfect theme for this class and this age. They will get to sample foods that originated in each of the different countries that each child's ethnic background represents. My little "Mueller" will represent Germany. So we learned that the gingerbread dates
back as early as the 1800's and orginates from Germany. How lucky that it happens to be one of our favorite recipes of this season!

So lucky me! A busy week ahead of cupcake and cookie baking with these little guys by my side to lick the bowls. (Well, except the tiny one...he just gets the occasional carrot treat.)

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Mo said...

AWESOME photo!!! WOW!!!! That sounds like a great party. Happy baking and eating! ;)