Sunday, February 27, 2011

Showing our Teacher some Appreciation.....

Zak's 5th grade teacher is Mrs. Caeton. She's been teaching for 33 years and doesn't seem to be showing any signs of backing down soon. She is amazing and has helped my Zak reach his maximum potential as a student this year. She recommended him for GATE, which he sincerely LOVES and enjoys. She's taken him aside when he slips back and trys to find the easy route to finishing a project. She encourages him to do the work and to stay on track. She's tough, but I have trusted her to help him learn the lessons he needs to become a successful young man. In short, she is incredible! How do you thank a woman for being incredible, patient, kind, firm, strict and loving with your child? I don't know, but I hope just a little sign of my appreciation goes a long way to somehow letting her know she's loved.

I do love teachers! I think they are amazing, wonderful, and some of the most giving people on earth! I have many, many teachers to thank for helping be become the person I am today. I like to take time out of my busy schedule every year and thank the kids teachers. This year is no different, I took the time yesterday to make some simple bookmarks and to package up a little goodie for Zak's Teacher/5th grade class.

Just thought I'd share my little gift that I put together with my blogger friends. Now go show your favorite teachers some love! :)

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Mo said...

She will love it! I know I would! You ahve inspired me to do something too. :)