Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Boo! and a Happy Halloween

We had a safe and insane Halloween. The kids have way too much candy on their hands right now and I've been sneeking my fair share!

Me and My Matthew in one of our Halloween Self-Portrait moments. I love our self-portraits that we do together. They are always so fun, Matthew really enjoys it. I'm so happy he's such a good sport, rarely will he refuse a self-portrait moment with Mom.

My little phantoms! Matthew's "last year of trick or treating". He says he'll stay home and scare the little ones next year and hand out the candy. Only time will tell. *sigh* growing up so fast!

My unknown phantam :)

Happy November and a Happy Fall season to you my friends. Thanks for visiting me!


Jill said...

That mother/son pic is awesome and that pic of both boys should be framed! Matthew really is growing up, isn't he? Happy November, Reenie!

Mo said...

Ha! Adorable photos. You two look so much alike. ;)