Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finishing Touches - Bathroom Remodel

The remodel wouldn't be complete without some framed memories of the old bathroom. The kids are so embarrased to have these hanging up on their bathroom walls, so that means I've been a complete success, right?! They will remain until I get at least one " sweet" out of one of their teenage girlfriends someday ;)

This is the one and only smelly boy stuff I can get the kids to use! It rocks! Any deoderant that I can get boys to use rocks in my book!

Project complete.
Next project will either be a new master bathroom, new flooring throughout, or a new roof. Take your pick, they all need to be done eventually. We just need to get a few bids and agree on what we can handle both financially and dust-wise! ha!


Sue Thomas said...

Love your finishing touches, including the smelly boy stuff - lol!!!

Jill said...

It really looks nice Reen. Love that color combination!

Mo said...

LOVE LOVE the photos of the boys! They are the perfect finishing touch to your gorgeous makeover. :)