Sunday, August 24, 2008

Halloween Memories Through the Years

This little book took some research and digging to pull all these old Halloween pictures together, but boy I'm glad i did. I have one from every year that shows each kid in costume. This is so sweet and so special to me, I just cheriesh it!

A VERY Special thank you to my friend Ramona for this adorable Halloween kit that she gave me for my birthday this year. I thoroughly enjoyed making this and it's by far one of my most favorite handmade treasures to date.

Thank you for visiting me friends!!


LisaW said...

This is so dang cute. Love the little ckelaton!!!

LisaW said...

I mean skeleton ;)

Mo said...

LOVED what you did with it. I see you used the punch too. Yay!!!!! :) Now I have to make mine. LOL!!!

Susan said...

how cute!!!
I love that you changed all the pictures to black and white!