Friday, July 25, 2008

Summary of the week = cup still 1/2 full

Monday - dealing w/ a bitchy co-worker
Tuesday - see Monday
Wednesday - see Tuesday - took a dozen donuts into the office and spread some smiles
Thursday - Kid #2 sick, but will live - and his fishy dies..bummer! but no strep!
Friday - Kid #1 sick and cranky, but will live and I AM going to lunch w/ my work buddy Katie BFF
Sat - must lay low and get kids better....pack, pack, pack
Sun - family vacation of the century and everything crummy will just melt away!


Susan said...

so sorry your having one of those weeks Reenie.
I hope you have a fantastic vacation. Have one of those girly fufu drinks for me while your at it:)

Mo said...

Don't ya hate weeks like that!? It will be all worth it when you are sitting on the beach. :) Enjoy your time away!

Anonymous said...

Reen....we were leading parallel lives mon, tues and wed!! Unfortunately thurs was like monday and friday was like tuesday ;). Hope you have a great vaca. Rest the kiddos up!!