Wednesday, February 20, 2008

She Loves/He Loves...

In the spirit of February and the month of LOVE....Thought I would share some of our current favorite things we love to do.

She loves tennis: I'm Loving tennis again. I played a lot of tennis is high school and college, but hadn't played in years! I got a chance to enjoy it again this past weekend, when I spent time with Matthew.

He loves:
Fixing up his car! ....Operation Restoration is in full swing and the old car is getting a facelift. It's a dream come true for Richie to be restoring his car, something he's always talked about and always wanted to do. I'm happy for him. I'm happy to see him loving a hobby and doing something he truly enjoys.

These little loves just make us happy. Give us something fun to talk about, something fun to do and share with each other.

What are your current loves??

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Mo said...

I wish I could play tennis. I took a couple of lessons when I was a teen and after not being able to get it over the net I hit the ball out of the court. LOL! I gave up. :O

My current love is latin cooking. Go check out my blog for the deets. ;)