Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back 2 School

One of these boys is not like the Other!

Can you guess which boy loves school? The other...well, not so much!

Not every kid loves school and not every kid has a smiley face on the first day. Not every Mom has the perfect shot of that first day of school. Some of us will deal with the reality of the kid that doesn't like the first day of school so much. But why does it have to be me? hahahaha!!

My friend Rene....says that her son will pose for pictures and turn his head so she can get the profile shot! What? I'm astounded when she tells me these things. Rene...has the perfect scrapbook Mom's dream kid! Every event, every occasion...becomes the perfect scrapbook page! *sigh* un-be-liev-able!!

So my kids....although not the perfect scrapbook kids, although not the cover layout kids that most Moms dream about.....they are mine and I love them just the same! They are just real...not perfect....not always in place....kinda wonky, kinda squirmy, kinda loud, kinda kiddish....and so not perfect! I wouldn't have it any other way...that's just life...real life around my house.

Happy First Days of School!!



Mo said...

Oh Reenieeeeee! LOLOLOL!!!!!!! That picture cracks me up!!!! I think it is thee perfect first day of school photo. Have fun scrapping it!

Melodee Langwortlhy said...

Here Here!! Great post and adorable photos Reen!! I totally know what you mean...I have a kinda squirmy, kinda wonky, VERY SILLY boy that hates his photo being I just take what I can get and go with the silly ones also!

Love your first day shots...and that bunny is adorable you have posted on the right side of you blog!